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Updated: Feb 2

A very wise person once told me that to have vision coupled with foresight, is a gift. That only few are blessed with that gift. The majority of people think about the short term. As we approached the end of 2021, this was weighing heavily on my mind. It seemed more and more likely to be true the more I thought about it. My gaze turned inwards and I asked if I was one of those people with the gift of vision and foresight.

In fact, my first answer was yes, because my ultimate goal is to work for myself. It will take a few years for that to happen, so that counts as vision, right? After some reflection, I realised that my vision wasn't actually a vision. I failed to see the bigger picture. The initial vision I had was all about me and what I could do to take care of myself in the here and now. I wasn’t thinking about or planning for generations to come. What legacy did I want to leave behind for my children’s children?

When I first wrote this piece, my daughter was only 3, so I asked myself, what would other people tell her about me? [I can't believe another 3 whole years have already passed!] What legacy have I left behind for her, what will she teach to her grandchildren about me if God calls me today? I don’t necessarily mean material possessions like property or monetary inheritance. Now that she’s older and can understand abstract ideas better, I think to myself what would she remember about me and what could she pass down to her grandchildren from me? That’s when I realised that I hadn’t been living a life guided by foresight and that I lacked real vision.

As the picture became clearer in my mind, I knew that Kasa Kasa languages is what I hope to leave as my legacy. Not the business itself but the belief behind it; that language is a key part of one's culture and identity and if we lose it, we lose a part of ourselves. For me, being proud of my roots and passing them down is what I want to be remembered for.

There’s so much I don’t know but want to know and this is my way of sharing my own learning journey. If you’re reading this, I guess you’re ready to start your own journey so I hope you’ll find our content helpful.

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